Advanced Mortgage Calculator Widget

Widget Description

Include this advanced mortgage calculator on your own website. This full-featured mortgage calculator computes monthly payments, total payments, total interest, total PMI, and total taxes over the lifetime of the loan. This calculator also gives the last loan payment date, and an estimated last PMI payment date. The calculator's interest rate field is pre-filled with the current average 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate. This value is updated automatically to reflect the most recent interest rate situation in the United States. The calculator will auto-fill the PMI field with an estimate of what the user's PMI will actually be based on an automatic loan-to-value calculation. There is also a link that users can click on to view the amortization table, yearly summaries, graphical charts, and additional loan statistics for the mortgage.


Add this widget to your own website by copying the following HTML code into your website somewhere between the <body> and </body> tags in your web page's HTML code. If desired, the <script>...</script> section of the code below may be placed with the rest of the script tags in your web page's HTML code. It does not need to remain right next to the <div>...</div> portion of the code. The widget is free to use on your website, provided that any links in the widget are not removed.